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NATUREVEST - Green Future: Our project »Paulownia Trees«-

NATUREVEST - Green Future: Our project »Paulownia Trees«

The ecological project of GLD Invest Group from Kilb in Lower Austria: :
Against climate change and for environmental sustainability.

The world′s population is growing, rainforests are shrinking, resources and raw materials become fewer every day. Woods could soon become scarce in the future. Climate change cannot be denied. Would you like to do something about it and make a contribution?

We have an idea!
Our passion project »Paulownia Trees«.

Our passion project: our plantations in Croatia with approx. 100,000 Paulownia trees

Since 2017, about 100,000 so-called "Paulownia" trees have grown on about 160 hectares on our own plantations in Croatia. For the planting of the trees, we have re-cultivated only fallow land in Croatia′s inland region away from tourism. We have planted the Paulownia trees by hand and ever since – and for years to come – have been cared for, cherished and looked after by our plantation manager Tomislav Presecan and his competent team.

The Paulownia tree is the fastest growing fine-wood tree in the world: a height of 12 meters and a diameter of about 40 cm can be expected after 10 years.

In 10 years, when the harvest is due, these trees will have long since towered over us. Their precious wood is supplied to the resource-hungry markets of Europe via short transport routes.

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» Together with many committed and environmentally conscious people, we want to contribute to sustainability. Our goal is to plant 100,000 Paulownia trees. Because it comes down to acting NOW. «

Leopold Sandler
Founder and CEO

Why do we want to plant 100,000 »Paulownia«-trees?

Versatile sustainability with great prospects

The wood of the so-called Paulownia tree is a (bio)logical alternative to other fine woods and many scarce or un-ecological materials.

The Paulownia trees not only replace the precious woods of the rainforests, but also absorb multiple tons of CO2 with their huge leaves during their growing season while producing oxygen: 600 Paulownias emit 59 tons of oxygen each year and can bind 10 times more CO2 with their large leaves than conventional commercial forests.

Lightweight stable wood for sports, music and house construction

Due to its lightness and stability, the Paulownia tree is also called »renewable aluminum«.

The resin-free wood of the Paulownia tree grows very quickly and shows excellent properties for different applications, i.e. for
  • Sports
  • Furniture and home construction
  • Ski, boat and surfboard construction
  • Instrument construction

Did you know that the Paulownia tree was the favorite tree of Emperor Franz Joseph?

Given the persuasive properties of the Paulownia tree, this hardly surprises us: rapid growth, large leaves that convert a lot of CO2 and release oxygen, and beautiful flowers that delight the soul.

In English, the tree, originally from central and western China, is better known as a kiri tree or empress tree.

» No precious wood grows faster than Paulownia; no raw material will be as scarce as precious wood. So, by investing in Treesource, you are focusing on the markets of the future and sustainability for the environment and value. «

Arjen Crul
Project Leader

Our initiative in Austria: »Treesource«

Crowd funding from 100€

Since 2017, 10,000 so-called "Paulownia" trees have grown on 20 h of agricultural land on our own plantation in Croatia

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Our initiative in Germany: »TreeVest«-

Our initiative in Germany: »TreeVest«

As part of TreeVest, we have already planted about 50,000 trees and re-cultivated about 120 hectares of fallow land.

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The project team-

The project team

DI Leopold Sandler
Founder and CEO

Leopold Sandler is an internationally successful construction engineer and contractor from Kilb in Lower Austria and has been Managing Director of GLD Invest Group since 1996.  In 2014 he came into contact with the Paulownia tree in Croatia and recognized its ecological and economic benefits. Then, in 2018, he founded the Treesource initiative.

Arjen Crul
Project Leader

Agriculture is Arjen′s faithful and constant companion: the first points of contact with agriculture, in education in Holland, still have traces in his biographical career. Arjen Crul manages the plantation in Croatia and is the contact person for Treesource.

Tomislav Presecan
Plantation Manager

Tomislav Presecan is the plantation manager in Croatia. In the team made up of 15 employees, he is responsible for the cultivation of the plantations and for the management of seasonal staff as required.

Michaela Aumüller
Office Manager

Michaela Aumüller is the administrative all-rounder for all operational activities of the Treesource initiative. She manages and organizes all processes from Kilb in Lower Austria – with a stress-resistant attitude and professionally proven know-how.
Your contribution to environmental sustainability-

Your contribution to environmental sustainability

Sow sustainability now and harvest in eight years.

Since 2017, the "Paulownia Trees" initiative has been providing its own plantations in Croatia with a sustainable and renewable supply of the precious raw material "wood". Eight years after the investment in Treesource, these trees – and thus the success and their tree-high yield – are harvested: tree-high yields.

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