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Our actions

What we stand for. Our philosophy.-

What we stand for. Our philosophy.

The human being and the respect for each individual are at the center of our actions and deeds.

In the context of investment und real estate, it is our task to develop the intersection of capital, resources and goals in the focus of sustainability and to implement the resulting measures responsibly and professionally.

Permanent and long-term relationships with partners and a high degree of transparency in our actions form the basis of our daily activities.
What we are acting for. Our vision.-

What we are acting for. Our vision.

We develop and realize projects in the real estate sector / real estate business. With extensive international experience and high standards, we support projects to always meet the economic and social requirements as well as current environmental standards in all the countries in which we operate.

» We see it as our entrepreneurial duty to make a contribution to ecological sustainability – a topic in which our actions today determine the world of tomorrow: small initiatives can make a difference. This is the background of our project »Paulownia Trees« – a project in which we are currently putting a great deal of passion. «

Leopold Sandler
Managing Partner
Expert for Real Estate Development & Investment

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What we want. Our goals.-

What we want. Our goals.

The aim is to continuously develop our company in order to
  • Continue to drive successful real estate developments and continue to expand our position as a reliable international service provider.
  • Maintain the leading position in facility & property management and provide additional benefits for property portfolio owners in the economic and public sector with individual solutions.
  • Offer a wide range of additional services to maximize the value of the property for our clients.
How we work. Our culture.-

How we work. Our culture.

Our team. We are proud of our competent and committed employees. We create a safe and stable working environment and invest in employees and their further education and development.

Our partners. We are convinced of long-term partnerships. Our choice of suppliers is therefore primarily based on competence, performance and reliability – success factors that are also apparent in our day-to-day work.

Our social responsibility. We are primarily active in the economic sector and realize economic projects here. With social commitments such as the support of orphanages, we try to assume our responsibilities in this area as well.

Our ecological responsibility.
When it comes to sustainability, it is important to act "today". That is why it is our heartfelt concern to contribute with our initiatives to the »Green Future« of tomorrow.