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Our company history

In our company history, there have been numerous successful moments – especially in real estate eevelopment and investment. We look back on numerous properties sold in the international market and look after a large number of properties internationally in the sense of facility & property management. Our long-standing and internationally experienced employees will continue to work to strengthen and continue to establish the position of GLD Invest Group.

  • 1997 First expansion to Budapest: construction of a gravel plant – sale to the construction industry in 2000 
  • 2001 Office building development in Budapest – sale to an international fund in 2005
  • 2001 Development of another office building in Budapest, apartments
  • 2003 Entry into the Ukrainian market, construction of a logistics center approx. 50,000 m2 in Kiev – sale at the beginning of 2008
  • 2008 Construction of a 100,000 m2 logistics center in Kiev – sale 2018
  • 2010 Entry into a farm in Ukraine – 2000 ha of agriculture and pig breeding
  • 2014 Entry into Croatia with a pig farm
  • 2016 Purchase of first plots for Paulownia plantations (Green Future)
  • 2017 Planting of the first approx. 25,000 trees
  • 2018 Start of construction of an H2 hotel im Top-Zentrum von Budapest, in the top center of Budapest, tenant is the German H-Hotel Group

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